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Fisher Price Stride Walker to Ride

Stride walker to Ride

Product Features
Encourages development of balance & gross motor skills as baby learns to walk, then ride
Grasping balls & putting them in the hoop enhances motor skills & eye-hand coordination
Watching colorful lights & ball movement offers visual stimulation
Lively music & sounds stimulate auditory sense
Builds self-confidence & sense of empowerment as baby masters new physical skills
Helps develop an I can do it! attitude
Baby's actions make things happen, teaching about cause & effect
Encourages curiosity & thinking skills
Requires 3x AA batteries (not included)
Manufacturer's recommended age 9 months +

Bagus ni bun 2 in 1 buat belajar jalan juga bs jadi ride on
klo dimasukkan bola ke keranjangnya bisa suara2 musik
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