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3M PELTOR Kid earmuffs

3M PELTOR Kid earmuffs
are attractive hearing protectors specially designed to protect children against loud noises encountered during everyday social and leisure activities.

When selected and worn correctly, PELTOR Kid earmuffs help protect against hazardous noise levels arising from variety of social and leisure activities including air shows, motor sports, sporting events, music concerts, travelling and studying.
We've created these earmuffs just for children, with a vibrant and stylish slimline cup design with soft liquid sealing cushions that helps reduce pressure around smaller ears, improving comfort and wearability.
The earmuff cups feature large, comfortable spaces inside to help reduce moisture and heat build up, with easily replaceable cushions and inserts, helping to keep them hygienically clean.
Rent :
50.000/1 week
65.000/2 week
80.000/4 week
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Harga: Rp.80.000

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