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Fly LegsUp for Adults pack

?is recommended for 10 years of age and up!
?The Adults pack includes:
Our patented Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock
1 Small Pillow and 1 Large Pillow
Travel bag
Instruction sheet with suggested positions
?It’s a tool to help you sleep and relax on long haul flights.
?Lightweight, weighing less than 500g
?Washable and durable
?Easy to use
?Adaptable and accommodates for the differences in people and airline seats
?Creates a foot and leg rest, allowing you to sleep on your side, elevate your legs or extend your legs
?Note: The Flight Hammock is NOT to be used during taxi, take-off and landing. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and continue to wear a seat belt when using the Flight Hammock.
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Harga: Rp.100.000

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