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3 years up
Mainan / perlengkapan untuk anak usia 3 tahun keatas

VTech - Fly & Learn Globe

Moving electronic talking globe teaches geography, places, world wonders, people, languages and music
Built-in joystick controls plane directions, allowing it to move North, South, East or West while globe rotates
Friendly pilot transforms all journeys into experiences of learning and fun
5 Discovery modes teach technical terms and world geography
With all the opportunities to make exciting new discoveries, children will want to leave on this jet plane every chance they get!

bagus buat belajar peta ni bun,belajar bahasa adat dan budaya negara lain jg, bikin belajar geografi jd asyikk

VTech - Fly & Learn GlobeDetail Produk
40.000 / 2 MINGGU
50.000 / 4 MINGGU

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tiap anak masukkan bola ada sorakan2 dan musik2

description :
FISHER PRICE Baby Gymtastics Bat & Score Goal
With this versatile set, even sitting babies can enjoy scoring a goal! When they bat the inflatable ball or the wiggly cheetah, baby is rewarded with music, lights and sounds. Then, once little ones start crawling or can stand and kick, you can easily convert it, for the whole goal experience! Detach the ball and the rhino becomes the “goalie.” Toddlers can push, kick or toss the ball at the target, while you stand back and catch the excitement!

* Sit & bat
* Stand & score!
* Easily converts so older babies can score goals, with rhino pal as the “keeper!”

Requires 3 AA (LR 6 Alkaline) 1.5 V batteries


* Strengthens muscles & coordination as baby sits up, reaches, bats, crawls, kicks, or tosses the ball.
* Enhances eye-hand coordination with ball to bat at, roller to spin & cheetah to wiggle.
* Encourages problem solving as baby figures out how to activate the music & sounds.
* Dancing lights & colourful activities offer visual stimulation.
* Strengthens auditory skills with fun sounds & lively music.

Ages: 6-36 months

40.000 / 2 MINGGU
50.000 / 4 MINGGU

Harga: Rp.50.000

BRUIN Microphone

seru ada lampu2 dan suara tepukan drum dsb
mic bisa ditinggi rendahkan atau dilepas

BRUIN MicrophoneDetail Produk
70.000/ 4minggu

Harga: Rp.70.000

BOSCH workbench

dengan efek musik berbeda : milling cutter, belt sander dan latar belakang saat bekerja
- tinggi dari Workbench: sekitar 76 cm
- meja kerja
- swivel-down drill
- berbagai macam accessories
- tidak termasuk baterai
- menggunakan 3 bh baterai tipe AA
- brand klein merupakan brand Jerman

Product Features

Age 24-36 MONTH
Gender ALL
BOSCH workbenchDetail Produk
125.000 / 4 MINGGU

Harga: Rp.125.000

Electronic Jazz Drum

Electronic Jazz Drum
Dilengkapi mic untuk menyanyi
Electronic Jazz DrumDetail Produk
80.000 / 4 minggu

Harga: Rp.80.000

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