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3 years up
Mainan / perlengkapan untuk anak usia 3 tahun keatas

ELC Sing Along Star Microphone

Melody Maker
5 Demo songs
Record and playback
Echo and robot sound effects
Cheering and clapping sound effects
Audio docking device, conect with mp3 player
Volume control
Adjustable stand
Detachable microphone
Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

rent :
100.000/4 minggu

Harga: Rp.100.000

ELC Super Sounds Electronic Drum Kit

Play along and create your own funky sounds and electronic beats.

Playing tips…
Little drummer
Let's drum along to a tune, or invent our own cool beats.
We can practise using the tom tom, snare, bass drum and cymbal – all together.

Rock star maker
Let's pretend we're in a band, favourite tracks and compose our own mega hits.
Rock star maker and playing for a huge crowd.
We can play along to our own mega hits.

Great for:
Developing fantastic coordination
Encouraging natural rhythm
Feeling like a superstar!
Playing with friends in a band
Listening and playing along to music
Inspiring young music fans.

rent :
125.000/4 minggu

Harga: Rp.125.000

Electronic Piano

piano cute dilengkapi microphone,setel2an suara,musik2 dan juga bangku kecil
membawa fantasi buah hati bak penyanyi profesional

rent :
120.000/ 4minggu

Harga: Rp.120.000

Tobebe happy playhouse

main rumah2an seru, bisa untuk mandi bola jg ya

rent :
230.000 / 4 minggu

Harga: Rp.230.000

wimcycle firebird

sepeda roda 4 untuk 3-5 tahun


Harga: Rp.125.000

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