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Tunel Tent Jumboo

Tunel Tent
Tunel Tent JumbooDetail Produk
Biaya sewa :

50.000 / 4 minggu (Tanpa bola)
sewa 200 bola : 25.000 / 4 minggu

Harga: Rp.50.000

Little Tikes Carnival Castle Playcenter

Little Tikes Carnival Castle Playcenter

It makes the kings and queens to have their own kingdom
It is made with heavy-duty vinyl material for long lasting fun
This playcenter is designed for safe play
It is great for children's parties

include pompa manual
Little Tikes Carnival Castle PlaycenterDetail Produk
Biaya sewa

4 minggu : 100,000 (tanpa bola)?
4 minggu : +25,000 dengan bola

Harga: Rp.100.000

ELC Baby Active Play Centre


Baby Active Play Centre (baby & toddler)
9 months - 18 months

Create a safe and comfortable area for your baby to explore with this mix and match adventure playground. Try rolling balls towards your baby, and show them how to push the tumbler. As your baby learns to sit and crawl they can enjoy more and more active playtime indoors or outside. Includes: •padded floor mat •inflatable arch •inflatable squareplay area •bunny roller •two corner walls •pat mat •six balls. Great for developing physical confidence and coordination.

include pompa manual
ELC  Baby Active Play CentreDetail Produk
Biaya sewa

4 minggu : 85,000

Harga: Rp.85.000

Tunel Tent Super Tent

tipe : supertent
dimensi : 240 x 74 x 84 cm
Tunel Tent Super TentDetail Produk
Biaya sewa

4 minggu : 50,000 (tanpa bola)
4 minggu : 25,000 (dengan 200 bola)

Harga: Rp.50.000

Little Tikes - Activity Garden

Little tikes - activity garden

The Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Activity Garden incorporates a variety of baby toys and activities to help develop motor skills and cognitive ability. Infants will love the stimulating colors, shapes and textures, the movable, clicking toys and learning new languages. The baby gym can be configured in different ways to keep play exciting and includes a removable panel for take along fun.

Converts to an open play center to help develop motor and cognitive skills

Working door with a piano top and windows that open and close

Features an archway and stimulating colors, shapes and textures

One side features movable objects and clicking toys

One side includes a three-language phone and silly sound effects

Removable panel

Removable phone
Little Tikes - Activity GardenDetail Produk
Biaya sewa

4 minggu : 150,000

Harga: Rp.150.000

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